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CDN Solution to Help Speed up Your Website Content

“A great product to deliver your website media alot faster keeping your visitors attention”

Speed is essential for today’s website, so one way you can help to accelerate things is to make sure any images & videos etc. are loading fast. Having your media served from a different location will benefit enormously and your users won,t be left hovering over the exit button and on to the next website because the page is taking ages to load. Now that’s where a Content Delivery Network comes in, also known as a CDN to help you deliver speed to your site ensuring your visitors stay.

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I came across BelugaCDN which accelerates delivery of images & videos etc by using the power of a global cloud service. This service is very similar to other providers like MaxCDN, Amazon CloudFront etc. and offers excellent value starting from just $5 for 500GB monthly usage. Very easy to set up within the control panel and support is included to get you going in no time at all and you don,t even need to change your host, BelugaCDN will compliment your existing hosting arrangements making it a faster experience for your visitors.

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Please note there are other CDN services on the market which offer great value just like this one and it will be our intention to highlight them in coming articles.

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