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Surf the Web Without Limits and Added Security Through a VPN Service

“Surf the web anonymously at high speed with this useful VPN service”

Struggling to watch a Youtube video in your current location but getting the message restricted in your country, Can,t access your Netflix account on holiday due to your location? well, help is at hand to overcome this problem.

VPN stands for a “virtual private network” which adds a tunnel between your device and the World Wide Web helping keep prying eyes from viewing your data. Its offers many advantages like hiding location, IP address, shielding you if you’re using a public wi-fi hotspot and basically giving you total internet freedom.

I have done a bit of travelling in recent years but always found it hard to view my favourite youtube channels with a message being displayed not available in your country.

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This is due to either youtube policies for that region or the uploader for some reason has not made the video available to that country region.

So in my case to get around this problem I would connect to my VPN service and select a UK location IP address which would then allow me access to the video content.

Of course, you have other locations to connect through but I knew I could view the channel in the UK hence the reason for choosing a UK server connection.

So overall a VPN helps me with that extra layer of security, privacy and helping me access my favourite films when travelling.

However, we also know that people also use them for illegal reasons. This could range from visiting the dark web to illegal downloads and with most VPN providers not retaining traffic logs a service like this would appeal to them.

You will see many VPN services on the market offering similar deals but today I pick out Ivacy. Reason for my choice is happy with the service also good support 24/7 for peace of mind.

  • 256 Bit Encryption
  • Internet Freedom
  • Hide Your IP
  • Supports all Platforms
  • Servers:1000+
  • Globe Locations: 500
  • No Data Logs
  • 24/7 Support

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